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What is Single-cup Coffee Service in Hartford, CT?

Today’s office coffee looks a little different than how it’s looked historically. In today’s office, it’s all about delicious café quality coffee drinks and fresh, local coffee. Because of this, many offices are choosing to use a single-cup coffee service. Let’s see what sets this service apart from traditional coffee service!

Single-Cup Coffee in Hartford, CT Ensures Fresh Coffee

When we think of office coffee, we envision a huge pot of coffee brewed at the beginning of the day. That same pot of coffee sits around all day waiting to be used. A not-so-fresh visual comes to mind when we describe this. But, with single-cup coffee service in Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC, you can expect the opposite. These brewers give your employees the ability to make a fresh individual-sized cup of coffee when they want it—ensuring a fresh cup of coffee for every person in the office. 

Office Coffee Service | Coffee Service in Hartford | Hartford Single-cup Coffee Service

Specialty Drink Options

Of course, you can still brew your favorite traditional cup of coffee. But, with single-cup brewing, you can create so many different coffee options. You can make everything from cappuccinos to lattes to espressos. Not only that, but you can also customize the brew strength or the temperature of the milk. The customization options are endless. The best part is that each employee can create their own specific cup of coffee that they like—making this the perfect choice for Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC offices with employees who have varying preferences. 

Reduced Touchpoints

Single-cup brewers are built in a way that requires a less hands-on approach. Most of our brewers allow your employees to order coffee straight from their phones, even further reducing the touchpoints in the break room. Our touchless brewers are the perfect addition to the touchless kiosk in your Hartford, CT micro-market.

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of a Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC  single-cup coffee service? Contact us today at Legend Food Service or give us a call at 475-549-1045 to upgrade your company’s break room solutions today!