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Our Most Popular Office Coffee Service and Brewers in Washington, DC

There are so many options when it comes to coffee service. Traditional office coffee certainly has its place, but today we’re going to be talking about our most popular in Washington, DC office coffee service and coffee brewers. Keep reading to learn more about these popular office coffee services and their most popular brewers.

Single-cup Office Coffee | Flavia Creation 600

A single-cup service uses a cup, pod, or packet of coffee that creates the ability to create one cup of coffee at a time. Our most popular single-cup brewer is the Flavia Creation 600. Washington, DC offices love this machine for so many reasons. It has an effortless style, for starters, so it’s a great addition to any break room. The Flavia 600 gives employees the option to create a variety of drink options. Whether it’s delicious hot or frothy drinks or refreshing cold drinks, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. Imagine the amount of coffee house runs you could reduce with this Washington, DC single-cup coffee brewer!

Key takeaways

  • sleek and modern
  • easy to clean
  • endless flavor options
  • cold beverage options
  • monitors consumption (this allows us to monitor which coffee flavors are popular and which are not, ensuring we always provide you with what you need in your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC break room). 

Office coffee  | Office Coffee Service | Office coffee in Washington, DC

Bean to Cup Coffee Service | de Jong DUKE Zia

Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC bean to cup coffee services are based on its use of fresh coffee beans. Bean to cup machines are loaded with coffee beans, and with each cup, fresh beans are ground to make delicious coffee. Our customers have loved the de Jong DUKE Zia for their bean to cup coffee. Aside from this Washington, DC office coffee brewer delivering a fresh cup of coffee, it also can create cafe-quality drinks, including straight espresso. This larger model is a fantastic option for offices with a high volume of use but does not want to sacrifice the quality of coffee in the break room. 

Key takeaways

  • ease of use
  • fresh coffee from fresh beans
  • a large variety of drink options
  • great for high traffic offices
  • espresso option
  • large touch screen with various display options

Are you looking to upgrade to a single-cup coffee service or bean to cup coffee service? Contact us at Legend Food Service or call us at 475-549-1045 today!

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Build a Positive Workplace by Showing Thanks in Your Hartford, CT Break Room

Now that many of us are back in the office, it’s important to create a positive workplace environment. As business owners, we inspire the level of workplace satisfaction throughout our Hartford, CT office spaces. People are working hard each day to help our companies grow and thrive. Therefore, showing workers how much we care, even in small ways, can go a long way – whether it’s adding healthy snacks to your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC office break room or delicious office coffee. These small acts of gratitude make workers feel acknowledged and happy to be at work. Additionally, they can help improve the overall company culture and enhance productivity.
What are easy yet thoughtful ways to show employee appreciation? Keep reading below to find out.

Office Pantry Service

What makes people happier than free food? Honestly, not much! Show thanks to your office staff by creating a Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC office pantry service. This can include free office coffee and utensils that employees need throughout their busy workdays. This is the ultimate thank you to your hard-working employees. It’s a simple way to make sure they feel the love from their company and higher-ups. Plus, it keeps every healthy, hydrated, and on top of their game on a daily basis. This refreshment service makes building a positive workplace easy and achievable!
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Make a Gratitude Chart

What better way to show gratitude than by literally displaying it on a wall for all to see? Make a gratitude chart and post it up in your Hartford, CT break room. So, have people at the office share on a post-it note, acknowledging a co-worker they’re thankful for that week and why. This can build stronger relationships between your staff by highlighting something that means a lot to them. They might even learn something new about their coworker. What better way to upgrade your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC micro-market than by adding some custom art to the walls? As a result, the company culture and workplace satisfaction can elevate to new heights.

Team Lunches = Positive Workplace Environment

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the workday and keep your head down. Of course, it’s important to stay focused on all of the tasks at hand. However, it’s also important to socialize and connect with your cohorts. Therefore, it’s a good idea to host team lunches every once in a while to show workers you really care. For instance, not everyone gets the big Thanksgiving Day feast they deserve. Especially nowadays, it can be difficult to fly home for the holidays to see family and friends. To make their day special, have a “Works-giving Day” where everyone can sit and eat together to enjoy each other’s company. This can help employees at your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DCoffice relax, connect on a personal level with co-workers, and feel appreciated.
Looking for more ways to improve your Hartford, CT office break room and company culture? Contact us at Legend Food Service or call us at 475-549-1045 today!