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Throwing an event or lunch requires so much work. Seating arrangements, programming, and then there’s the food. Do you have enough for your headcount? Is the food going to be fresh if you get it beforehand? Did you account for everyone’s food allergies? The things to plan for when it comes to catering are endless. That’s where we come in! Our Baltimore catering service will help relieve some of the stress of hosting a meeting, lunch, or event.

Fresh, Healthy & Trendy Options

Our catering service is made in-house by our excellent culinary team. This means you can always count on your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC catering meals to be super fresh. Just imagine how much your guests will love the fresh meals you serve at your next event. Working with our in-house culinary team also gives you the ability to offer healthy meals. Whether you want to provide nutritious meals or light snacks, we can provide them. We also pride ourselves on being able to offer today’s latest trendy food and snack options. So, if there’s a food trend you’ve been dying to try, let us know, and we’d be happy to make it happen.

Northern Virginia Catering | Virginia Catering | Local Catering in Northern Virginia

Customizable Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC Catering Service

We are not a one size fits all catering service. We believe that everyone’s needs are different. So, we will work closely with you to understand you and your specific Baltimore catering service needs. This close relationship allows us to provide a truly customized catering experience. You’ll get exactly what you want for your next meal and nothing else.

We’re also happy to be flexible on the size of your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC catering orders. – we can provide catering for all sorts of event sizes. Whether you choose to offer coffee and light breakfast for your monthly office meetings or a full lunch for a corporate trade show, or trendy snacks at morale-boosting team events – we’ll make it happen.

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Looking to feed your employees on a more consistent basis? Check out our Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC micro-market service and vending service!

Whether you’re looking to take the stress out of your next event or looking for a long-term refreshment option in Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC, we’re happy to help you! Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 475-549-1045 now to find out more!

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Beat the Heat and Keep Your Washington, DC Employees Hydrated

When the heat of summer kicks in full gear, keeping your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC employees hydrated should be a priority. Yet, they might need some encouragement when they spend 8 hours a day in the office. Maintaining a healthy level of water intake is crucial to their productivity.

Stay ahead of the curve and work to find ways to increase fluid intake. Simply providing a Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC water filtration service can boost office morale and add to corporate wellness goals.

Make it Easy

Out of sight, out of mind. Having water easily accessible to your employees is a great reminder to stay hydrated. Consider adding a mix of hydrating products to your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC micro-market program. Your employees will be reminded every time they walk into the break room to get a refreshing beverage.

Add Some Variety

While employees love water, sometimes they need a little more flavor. Add some variety to your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC break room by providing fresh fruits and flavored water options. Fresh fruits are made up of mostly water. Instead of having to drink it, snacking is also a great option to stay hydrated! Employees can also use these healthy additions to make personalized fruit-infused water to wet their whistle.

Healthy Hydration

Staying hydrated increases energy and concentration levels. Increase water intake by giving your employees a durable, reusable water bottle. Brand it with the company logo to make it even more enticing! Encouraging employees to stay hydrated throughout the day will show that your company cares about their overall health and wellness. Giving them a reusable water bottle is also a fun way to reduce your company’s footprint.
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Hydration Competitions

Everyone loves a little healthy office competition. Use that to your advantage by having a hydration competition. Encourage employees to drink water while they’re on breaks. You can even make a hydration station where they track how much water they consume during office hours. After a week or a month, see who’s drank the most and reward them with something fun! This will increase employee satisfaction and create a positive workplace culture.

Keep Beverages Interesting

There are other ways to consume water that might pique your employee’s interest. Consider keeping a variety of sparkling water in your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC beverage vending machines. Sparking water remains just as hydrating as regular water. It simply adds some flavor, carbonation, and sometimes even a little sweetness into the mix. Sometimes carbonated water will kick the mid-day soda cravings. By offering different options, you can quench everyone’s thirst!

Want to Add Water Service to Your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC Break Room?

If you want to meet employees’ hydration needs in your Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington, DC offices, visit Legend Food Service. Our break room service professionals help you maximize your corporate wellness goals with any of our refreshment services. Reach out today and grow your employee benefits! Call 475-549-1045 now to find out more!