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Waldorf Vending Service

Enjoy a Waldorf vending service like no other. All of our vending machines are modern and contain today's latest technology. Modern vending machine technology allows us to make sure your Waldorf vending machines are stocked and that they are always running in tip-top shape. It also allows your employees to make payments straight from their phones through epay technologies. All of our Waldorf vending machines can be customized to your snack, food, beverage, and coffee preferences.

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Delicious Waldorf Office Coffee and
Tea Service

Waldorf office coffee and tea service is the perfect way to keep your employees from heading off-site to the local coffee shop. We can bring the coffee shop to your break room with our delicious office coffee service in Waldorf. We offer traditional coffee solutions that are perfect for large crowds. And, we also provide modern single-cup coffee solutions that allow your employees to drink things like cappuccinos and lattes. Waldorf office coffee service is the perfect addition to your vending machine service.

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Waldorf Modern Micro-Markets

Waldorf micro-markets are modern solutions to the lunchroom. Waldorf micro-markets are open-air markets that are stocked with beautiful glass coolers filled with today's latest refreshments. Each Waldorf micro-market is stocked with precisely what you want and nothing else. So, you'll enjoy all of your favorite snacks, meals, and beverages you love. Micro-markets in Waldorf are a great addition to your office coffee service.

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Fresh Waldorf Catering Service

Waldorf catering service allows you to enjoy your events without having to worry about food. We are a local Waldorf catering service that provides new and customized catering options. We will take care of everything that relates to food and catering. All you have to do is tell us your Waldorf catering preferences and how frequently you need catering, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Waldorf Office Supply Delivery Service

Office supplies are often the last thing that's thought of in the office but are critical to everyone's success and productivity. Waldorf office supply delivery allows you to never be without. We can easily set up automatic delivery of your Waldorf office supplies. Your staff will love always having the Waldorf office supplies they need.

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