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We offer a variety of choices to please both serious and casual tea drinkers. Whether you're looking for a caffeine fix in the morning or to slow down with a soothing herbal blend, we've got you covered.

Tea has
impressive benefits.

Show employees that their well-being is a priority by offering tea. Recent studies show that tea can reduce inflammation, strengthen bones, help control blood sugar, and boost the immune system.

Allow employees to think, collaborate, or have a mindful moment over a soothing cup of tea. In turn, you'll see the benefits in your office.

Boost office morale

Strengthen social bonds

Spark new ideas

Reduce stress

Office tea selections in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Hartford, CT
Washington DC, Baltimore, and Hartford, CT office tea options

Nothing but
the best

We know that tea is an increasingly popular beverage choice. So, we stock our break rooms with today's most well-known tea brands — including national name brands and regional favorites.

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