Meet our
Orchard Bistros

With an Orchard Bistros micro-market, your business will enjoy the benefits of a trendy
self-serve cafe in the company break room. Our commitment to giving you the best experience starts with offering a wide variety of refreshments coupled with innovative technology and a team dedicated to delivering solutions with
every interaction.

What to expect in your
Orchard Bistros micro-market


We use technology to improve your experience in the break room. Our proprietary technology allows us to remotely track product inventory data and restock the market quickly and efficiently. Our high-tech kiosks highlight new products, specials, and discounts. We take security seriously, so our markets have cameras to ensure a secure shopping experience.

The benefits of micro-markets

Employees stay onsite for refreshments, potentially increasing productivity.

Employees can avoid the hassle of leaving the office to find lunch, snacks, and drinks.

Employees connect, collaborate, and strengthen social bonds in the break room.

Companies can leverage the micro-market as a part of their recruiting and retention strategy.

Upgrade your workspace with a micro-market.

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