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Finest Springfield vending
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Your Springfield office needs the finest vending machines for your employee break room. Springfield vending machines are a modern way to hydrate and refuel your employees during the work day. Springfield vending service has become the best option with Legend Food Service. Your Springfield employees will appreciate the benefits of vending machines that give them tasty snacks, healthy food, and refreshing beverages. Employees can pay with debit/credit cards or mobile payment options because of our innovative vending machine technology. Need restocking? Legend Food Service has you covered there too! We will restock your Springfield break room and make sure your office never runs out of product.

office coffee and vending service in Springfield

The perfect Springfield office coffee and water filtration

Your Springfield office will love the smell of delicious coffee brewing at all times of the day! It is the small things that really make Springfield employees happy during their work day. Springfield office coffee will bring your break room to a new level for your employees.Legend Food Service provides your Springfield break room with large pots to single cup brewers and top of the line coffee equipment. Don’t worry about bland coffee options, Legend Food Service works with you to customize your office coffee list to provide local and national coffee favorites. These brands will be stocked frequently so your Springfield employees just enjoy a nice cup of coffee on their break, in the morning, or as an afternoon pick me up. Your office coffee will be the highlight of your Springfield break room!

Springfield water filtration solutions are what many businesses are missing out on! Legend Food Service will equip your break room with multiple filtered water options. Your Springfield employees should have the access they need to clean and pure drinking water.

Springfield micro markets and food vending machines

A micro-market that serves your Springfield office

Your Springfield business would benefit from a quality micro-market in your break room. Springfield micro-markets are open 24/7 and on-site. Micro-markets provide access to snacks, meals, and beverages that your Springfield employees will love. You can customize your micro-market to your favorite food and beverage items, so your employees always have top of the line choices in their work day. Our self-serve kiosks when checking out are one of the perks of a Springfield micro-market. Our advanced micro-markets offer innovative mobile payment technology and debit/credit card payment options for purchasing items. Not only will we provide you with convenience, but we will also monitor your micro-market to make sure it is secure and with our automatic inventory service, we will make sure your Springfield office never runs dry. Get a micro-market that serves your Springfield office!

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Springfield catering services is
a cakewalk

Throwing an event can feel stressful at times and that is why you can call Legend Food Service for all your Springfield catering needs. Your Springfield event should be fun and full of good memories, not worrying about quality food options. We will cater whatever type of event you have and work with you closely on developing a menu that will meet your needs best. Springfield catering services are perfect for company events, parties, lunches, galas, and more! You won’t be disappointed when you work with us!

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Springfield office supply and
easy delivery

Springfield office supply delivery helps your business tremendously. You no longer have to run back to the store to pick up supplies you forgot about or that were not on your list! Legend Food Service delivers Springfield office supplies based on your supply needs and at the frequency you need them. We make it the best and most efficient way to get the job done in your Springfield office. Sign-up for Springfield office supply delivery and start reaping the rewards!

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