healthy vending machines and water filtration service in Sparks

Sparks Modern Vending Machine Service

Sparks vending machines are the perfect office snack and refreshment solution for your office. You can choose from snack vending machines, Sparks, beverage vending machines, coffee vending machines, and food vending machines. We stock our Sparks food and snack vending machines with everything from healthy to salty to sweet snacks and foods. In comparison, our Sparks beverage vending machines are stocked with everything from today's popular energy drinks to sparkling water to low-sugar juice. Stocking options for Sparks vending machines are truly endless and fully customizable for your taste preferences.

water filtration and food vending machines in Sparks

Trendy Office Coffee Service in Sparks

Sparks office coffee service offers employees café quality coffee conveniently in the office. Enjoy Sparks' traditional coffee service, which gives you premium quality coffee in large quantities. Or you can offer unique drinks like lattes and cappuccinos with our Sparks single cup coffee service- allowing each employee to make a cup of coffee just as they'd prefer it to be. Your employees will feel valued and appreciated whether you choose from Sparks single cup coffee service or traditional coffee service.

snack vending machines and micro markets in Sparks

Sparks Mico-Market Solutions

Are you looking to keep employees onsite? Look no further. Sparks micro-markets are an excellent solution for you. Sparks micro-markets are open-air markets that can accommodate any space. We use a 3D model to ensure that your break room will look exactly how you want it to look before it's installed. And, when it comes to stocking your Sparks micro-market, we can customize it with the refreshments you're looking for - whether that's healthy options or traditional options.

Sparks catering business

Sparks Fresh Catering Service

We offer full-service catering to Sparks, Maryland. You'll enjoy our fresh meals that are made in-house by our commissary culinary experts. So whether you're looking for trendy or healthy Sparks catering options, your next event will be a hit with our delicious Sparks catering options. Our Sparks catering is excellent for everything from small office lunches to large conferences. You'll love how great it feels not to have to stress over catering and food for your next event.

office stationery in Sparks

Sparks Office Supply Delivery

We are a total break room and office solution and aim to provide everything you need for your break room or office. Along with your break room refreshment delivery, you can receive Sparks office supplies as well. We offer a wide variety of Sparks office supplies - everything from pencils to chairs and everything in between. Just imagine how much more productive your staff would be if they didn't have to go offsite to buy office supplies and instead you used our Sparks office supply delivery service.

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