food vending machines and office coffee in Reston

Vending service in Reston will give your break room the upgrade it needs

Invest in your break room with Reston vending machines! Our Reston vending service provides your employees with the snacks, food, and beverages they need for a productive day! Legend Food Service makes it our precedence to give your Reston employees a top-notch break room that they will love. The benefits for Reston vending machines are endless with our customizable options for snack vending machines, food vending machines, and beverage vending machines. All of your vending machines will be equipped with the latest payment technology to make your employee purchases quick, efficient, and easy to pay. Reston vending service is the update your break room needs!

Reston water filtration office coffee service

Get Reston office coffee service and water filtration throughout your
work day

Modern office coffee service for your Reston break room can change the lives of your employees! Employees will be thrilled when they learn you upgraded your Reston office coffee. Not only will they enjoy the delicious flavors of local and national coffee brands, but they won’t have to leave the office to get the coffee they want. We provide your Reston office with single-cup machine options, bean to cup machines, or the more traditional brewing machines employees will use to make their coffee. Each option will cater to your Reston employees' wants and give him or her the best cup of coffee. Legend Food service makes payment easy with state-of-the-art payment processing and technology that allows your Reston employees to pay for office coffee with mobile wallets or a credit/debit card. Happy employees will create a happy working environment!

Is your Reston break room ready for a water filtration solution that makes sense? Getting filtered drinking water for your Reston break room will make all the difference for your workplace! Reston water filtration solutions are simple with Legend Food Service!

Reston vending service and micro markets

Reston micro-markets give your employees what they need to
stay refueled

Customizing your Reston micro-market is one of the best decisions your company can make for your employees! Giving your Reston employees access to an open market on-site will allow employees to focus more on work and less on where he or she will have to go for breaks, lunches, beverages, and snacks! Micro-markets will allow your employees to have 24/7 access to healthy snacks, delicious meals, and energizing beverage options. Our self-serve kiosks make payment transactions go quickly and smoothly at all hours of the day. Our advanced technology takes debit/credit card payments and mobile wallet payment options. You won’t have to worry about a thing with our securely monitored system, inventory service, and regular restocking. Your Reston micro-market will be full of all the top items your employees love to purchase. Your Reston micro-market will be a hit with all your employees!

coporate catering in Reston

Cater your Reston event with us

Catering your Reston event won’t be a challenge with our catering service! We are here to make your corporate events, parties, and celebrations one to remember with Legend Food Service. Your Reston catering menu can be customized to what you want for your event and guests. We prepare healthy meal options and make sure that your menu is the best fit for your event! We can’t wait to be your Reston Caterer!

office supply delivery in Reston

Easy Reston office supply delivery

Legend Food Service will make your Reston office supply delivery one of the best choices you have made. Reston office supply will help your business grow by saving you money, time, and stress! Your Reston office will be stocked with paper, pens, and other necessities so your employees don’t run out!

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