healthy vending machines and water filtration service in Manassas

Vending service in Manassas gives you max benefits

Manassas vending machines will offer your break room amazing options for your employees. Vending is easy in Manassas with Legend Food Service. Having accessible food vending machines, snack vending machines, and beverage vending machines in Manassas is a top convenience for all employees. Legend Food Service provides state-of-the-art vending technology with mobile wallets and card payment options. Whatever payment method you prefer, we want to make it easiest for your Manassas employees. Your Manassas vending machines will be securely monitored and restocked with our remote inventory management. Take advantage of this amazing vending benefit with Legend Food Service.

water filtration and food vending machines in Manassas

Manassas office coffee service and water filtration will quench
your thirst

Energize your Manassas break room with flavorful office coffee! Manassas office coffee will refuel your employees throughout the day. Legend Food Service offers Manassas break rooms quality coffee equipment. Your Manassas employees can utilize single cup brewers or large pots of local or national brand favorites. Legend Food Service gives employees delicious coffee while making it easy and convenient. Don’t want to take care of restocking? No problem, we take care of all your Manassas break room coffee supplies and make sure your employees have what they need.

Hydrating throughout the day is essential for all Manassas employees. Legend Food Service has a variety of filtered water options for your Manassas break room.

snack vending machines and micro markets in Manassas

Manassas Micro-markets bring quality food and beverage items to your break room

Micro-markets are a new added perk to every Manassas office. Manassas micro-markets give your employees 24/7 access to customized food, snack, and beverage choices. Your Manassas employees will love all the options they have available in your break room. Micro-markets make on-site lunches, breaks, and dinners a convenient option for Manassas employees. Employees will enjoy self-serve kiosks with advanced payment technology. Pay with a credit or debit card or a mobile wallet to make checkout an easy process. Every Manassas break room has remote security and inventory management. Make your Manassas micro-market a talent attraction in your workplace!

Manassas catering business

Catering service with Manassas is convenient

Our Manassas catering service is customizable to your event or party providing everything you need for a successful event. We take the stress out of planning and help you make wonderful memories. Our Manassas catering service also has healthy meals options perfect for all preferences. Use Legend Food Service for all your Manassas catering events!

office stationery in Manassas

Office supply delivery in Manassas

Save time and money with Manassas office supply delivery. Give your Manassas employees the necessary supplies they need throughout their work day. Our Manassas ordering system is convenient and will help your employees stay on task with access to daily supplies.

Order everything for your office from one trusted source.

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