Germantown snack vending machines and office coffee

Vending service your Germantown office will love

Legend Food Service provides state-of-the-art vending machines your Germantown office will thank you for. Your employees will love having snack vending machines, food vending machines, and beverage vending machines in your Germantown break room. Germantown vending service is easy with our advanced vending technology and touchless payment system. Whether you prefer a mobile wallet or debit or credit card payments, our vending machines make it convenient for you to get the snacks, food, and beverages you need to satisfy your cravings. Our remote inventory services makes restocking and availability an unbeatable Germantown vending benefit. Worry less about your break room vending machines and more about the important issues in your Germantown office.

vending service and office coffee service in Germantown

Germantown office coffee service and water filtration is the solution for your break room

Your Germantown office coffee service has never been more on point with Legend Food Service. Provide your Germantown office with tasty national and local coffee brands all day long. Your Germantown employees will love the wide variety of coffee flavors. Adding modern coffee equipment to your break room will make your employees happy. We offer single cup brewers, bean to cup, and large pot brewing systems that meet the needs of every employee. We want your Germantown employees to experience high quality coffee at the touch of a button. Not only will it be convenient to get a good cup of coffee, but we take the hassle away from you by restocking your Germantown break room with everything your employees need daily.

Are your Germantown employees constantly hydrating? Legend Food Service will give your Germantown break room the filtered water your employees need! With a variety of options that are eco-friendly, your office will stay hydrated every day!

micro markets and vending machines in Germantown

Micro-markets give your employees the ultimate break room

Micro-markets in your Germantown office will provide your employees with wonderful benefits. Germantown micro-markets are customizable and satisfy your employees with fresh snacks, healthy meals, and refreshing beverages. These delicious options are available 24/7 with our self-checkout kiosks. Your Germantown employees will love the easy payment system available with our top of the line equipment, whether it is a mobile wallet or debit/credit card. Convenient access to great food and beverages makes it simple to stay on-site. We securely monitor your Germantown micro-market for safety and stocking. Your employees will love a micro-market in their break room!

coporate catering in Germantown

Top Germantown Catering Service

Germantown catering service is a top benefit of Legend Food Service. We provide quality catering to your Germantown office so you can focus on the important things going on. Legend Food Service takes care of all your catering needs from prep to delivery to set up. You will enjoy the fresh meal options from our Germantown catering service.

business supplies in Germantown

Germantown office supply benefits

Germantown office supply will give your business the added benefits it needs. Legend Food Service will deliver your Germantown office supplies saving you time giving you the ability to focus on other tasks. Your Germantown office will have all the supplies it needs, from pens to paper to other necessities.

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