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Fairfax vending service will change
your office

Fairfax vending service will change the way your office refuels. Legend Food Service provides top of the line vending machines that will simplify snacking for your Fairfax office. Your Fairfax employees will love having food vending machines, snack vending machines, and beverage vending machines in your break room. Fairfax vending services provide advanced modern technology with the benefits of touchless pay. You can use a mobile wallet or debit and credit card. Your Fairfax office will remain stocked with our remote inventory services. Vending in Fairfax is made easy with Legend Food Service.

office coffee and veding machines in Fairfax

Cafe quality office coffee service and water filtration in your Fairfax break room

Keep the coffee flowing in your Fairfax office with one of our amazing single cup or large pot brewers. Legend Food Service provides modern coffee equipment your Fairfax office needs, as well as additional options such as flavored teas for tea lovers. Your Fairfax employees will stay energized all day with local and national coffee brands you want us to stock in your break room. Give the gift of quality coffee to all your Fairfax employees!

Hydrating your Fairfax office is one of the best things you can do for your employees. Legend Food Service makes it simple with our variety of water filtration options that conveniently fit anywhere in your office!

micro markets and healthy veding machines in Fairfax

Appreciate your Fairfax micro-market

We will keep your Fairfax micro-market fully stocked and ready to meet your employees hunger and thirst. A micro-market will take your vending service to the next level for your Fairfax employees. Micro-markets have open racks and coolers for employees to browse and see what items they want to purchase with the convenience of mobile wallets or credit and debit cards. Just like a modern store, Fairfax employees will be able to use self-checkout kiosks making their visit pleasant and easy. If you are looking for a way to make your Fairfax business stand out, Legend Food Service has you covered.

Fairfax corporate catering services near me

Tasty Fairfax catering service

Want the best local Fairfax catering service? We have you covered with fresh and delicious meal options for all your catered events! Fairfax catering does small, medium, and large parties, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough food for your event. You even have the option to customize your food options. We can help you with all your Fairfax catering needs.

Fairfax office supplies

Stress less with office supply delivery in Fairfax

We want to take your stress and give you the best solution for your Fairfax office supplies and delivery. We can quickly get your Fairfax office what you need and deliver it right to your door. Fairfax office supply delivery will make getting your paper, pens, and other needed supplies simple. You’ll love the convenience of getting supplies delivered without having to worry!

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