Chantilly snack vending machines and office coffee

Vending service with Chantilly will keep your employees full

Chantilly vending machines will keep your employees full all day long. Our Chantilly vending service will supply your workplace with a custom variety of snacks, meals, and beverage options. Legend Food Service has a top priority to give your Chantilly employees a great break room experience. With the option to choose what your Chantilly vending machines have, gives your company the freedom to provide what your employees want. From food, snacks, and beverage options to our advanced payment technology, Legend Food Service is here to make your vending experience stress free and easy! Your Chantilly vending services should be a convenience to your business.

vending service and office coffee service in Chantilly

Office Coffee in Chantilly is an
employee perk

Supply your Chantilly office coffee service to a more efficient system with Legend Food Service. Chantilly employees will be thrilled with the variety of coffee and tea options available in your break room. Chantilly employees can choose from single cups, specialty coffees, or traditional large pot brews. Legend Food Service provides brewers to make a more customized gourmet coffee experience for your Chantilly workplace. Quality Chantilly office coffee will be the simplest choice you make for your business. We handle everything from coffee supplies to stocking your break room. Pay easy with our state-of-the-art payment technology that processes mobile wallets and debit/credit cards. Our payment processing technology makes it quick and easy to get a good cup of office coffee on-site.

Are you over regular water options? Add a Chantilly water filtration system to your break room or office that fits easily where it is most convenient for you. Hydrate with quality filtered drinking water today!

micro markets and vending machines in Chantilly

Chantilly Micro-markets are a
great decision

Changing your Chantilly micro-market to a more upgraded modern one is a decision your company won’t regret. Supplying your Chantilly employees with access to a 24/7 micro-market on-site will allow employees to focus more on work and less on where to get food and beverages. Micro-markets give your Chantilly employees access to healthy snacks, delicious meals, and energizing beverage options any time of the day. Our Chantilly self-serve kiosks make payment transactions go quickly and without problems any time of the day. Our advanced technology takes debit/credit card payments and mobile wallet payment options. Legend Food Service securely monitors your micro-market and will do your inventory for you. You will never have to worry about restocking again. Your Chantilly micro-market will be stocked with all your employee favorites to purchase. Your Chantilly micro-market will be a huge help to all your employees!

coporate catering in Chantilly

Catering your Chantilly event
will be easy

Take advantage of our Chantilly catering service. We will take the stress of planning and preparation off your hands. You can plan any type of catering event in your Chantilly location. Our Chantilly catering is spot on for corporate parties, holiday events, and other important events you may need catered! We prepare customized healthy food choices for your event. Our Chantilly catering will be a top solution for your event!

business supplies in Chantilly

Chantilly office supply will be
greatly appreciated

Chantilly office supply delivery will give your company the convenience it needs. Legend Food Service will deliver your Chantilly office supplies helping you save time during your busy work day. Your Chantilly office will have all the supplies it needs to work efficiently, from pens to paper to other office supplies.

Order everything for your office from one trusted source.

Simplify today