healthy vending machines and water filtration service in Bethesda

Trendy vending machines in Bethesda

At Legend Food Service, our Bethesda vending machines offer the best service and product selection that you can find! We provide trendy and delicious meals to please any taste preference. With all of their favorite products right in the break room, your Bethesda employees will never have to leave the office. We work with a local commissary to ensure that all items are fresh. Partner with us to boost office morale and employee appreciation at your Bethesda business!

water filtration and food vending machines in Bethesda

Customizable office coffee service in Bethesda

Bring a coffee shop to your Bethesda office with our top-of-the-line office coffee service! Our Bethesda office coffee service has the coffee brands that your employees love. We’re happy to customize our service to fit the needs of your Bethesda business. To take care of all of your office needs, we will provide sugar, creamers, and any other necessary supplies to give the best coffee experience possible!

snack vending machines and micro markets in Bethesda

Bethesda micro-markets encourage healthy eating

Enjoy hundreds of unique snacks, meals, and beverages right in your break room with the installment of our Bethesda micro-market! Our micro-market service is a foolproof plan to keep your Bethesda employees on site, encourage healthy eating, and increase social engagement. With 24-hour access, our Bethesda micro-markets are available to employees in between their shifts at any time of the day!

Bethesda catering business

Bethesda catering service is unique

Enjoy a stress-free event with our unique Bethesda catering service! We offer memorable meals made fresh by our culinary team. Our corporate catering service in Bethesda can support any size event. We can even customize your service to fit the exact needs of your Bethesda event!

office stationery in Bethesda

Quick office supply delivery in Bethesda

Give your employees access to all of the necessary office supplies with our easy Bethesda office supply delivery service! With access to any office supplies your Bethesda employees might need, we commit to keeping them productive and focused. Our Bethesda office supply service offers simplified ordering with multiple payment options!

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