food vending machines and office coffee in Annapolis

Modern Annapolis Vending Machines

Modern vending machines are the perfect addition to your Annapolis break room. There are many Annapolis vending options you can choose from. Such as a coffee vending machine, a snack vending machine, a beverage vending machine, or a food vending machine. Rest assured that whichever Annapolis vending machine you choose, your office is going to benefit from it. Employees will love having quick and easy access to Annapolis refreshments.

Annapolis water filtration office coffee service

Office coffee service and water filtration service in Annapolis

Whether you're looking for single-cup coffee service or traditional coffee service in Annapolis, we can help you. Annapolis single-cup brewers allow each employee to make a cup of coffee specific to their tastes and preferences. An Annapolis traditional brewer offers less flexibility in customization but provides a larger quantity of coffee. Water filtration service in Annapolis is the perfect addition to your office coffee service because fresh, filtered water boosts the flavor of your coffee.

Annapolis vending service and micro markets

Annapolis micro-markets shine

An Annapolis micro-market is the perfect answer to the local convenience store that your employees head off-site for. An Annapolis micro-market is an open-air market that has beautiful glass coolers and wood shelving. The coolers and shelves can are stocked with an endless assortment of refreshments like snacks, sandwiches, bars, burritos, salads, veggies, proteins, fruits, nuts, soups, and so much more. Each micro-market is fully customizable and designed exactly to your specifications.

coporate catering in Annapolis

Convenient Annapolis Catering

As Annapolis catering experts, we'll take your upcoming event to the next level. We provide Annapolis catering for any size event such as an office meeting, a business conference, or a local BBQ. We work with a local commissary so, you can rest assured that your Annapolis catering will always be fresh and delicious. We can provide everything from sandwiches to salads and so much through our local commissary. Your next event will be a breeze with our catering service!

office supply delivery in Annapolis

Office Supplies for Annapolis

We are your one-stop-shop for your Annapolis office because, along with your break room refreshments, you can easily order office supplies from us. We offer all Annapolis office supplies that you could need-whether it's simple items like pen and paper or more oversized items like office furniture. We can easily and quickly deliver the office supplies you need to any Annapolis office.

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